mercredi 3 juin 2009

The VANS Book en vente à la boutique le 13/06/2009.

Le livre tant attendu vient d'arriver à la boutique et sera disponible à la vente à partir du Samedi 13 Juin 2009.
Vous pouvez dès aujourd'hui réserver votre exemplaire.

" For more than 40 years, Vans has helped turn pop culture inside out as the ultimate symbol of California cool. Now, VANS, Off the wall tells the story of the community artists, musicians, trendsetters, and action sports legends that inspired it all-as well the iconic shoes keeping it all together."

This personnal, insider account features stunning photography and oral histories from VANS Originals :

* Untold stories from board sports legends : Tony Alva, Geoff Rowley, Joel Tudor, Steve Caballero.

* Photographs from Greg Stecyk, Brice Kanights, Grant Brittain, and more.

* Punk rock tales from the VANS WARP TOUR.

* Artistic and musical inspiration with Neckface, Robert Williams, Bad Brains, Bad Religion, Iron Maiden or Social Distortion.

* The legacy of 80's BMX.

* Fast Time at Ridgemont high's Spicoli legacy.

* The birth of the waffle sole.

* Inside the biggest VANS shoe collection ever assembled.

Prix de vente : 20 Euros.

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